My main passion is Choro and all related forms of Brazilian and Latin music.

I have been formally playing the guitar since the early 90s,  studying initially with Tim Lawler, Tom Leisek, Marc Régnier, David Dueñas and Flamenco composer Arthur Dente. In recent years I have been focusing my study of guitar technique with the teachings of Douglas Lora and Alessandro Penezzi.

Even though my soul lives in Brazilian music, my compositions stem from my exposure to other cultures. Growing up in the Mediterranean basin, I worked in Asia, Europe and North America listening to a variety of genres .

As a past working member of the San Francisco Classical Guitar and of the South Bay Classical Guitar Societies, I became acquainted with and was deeply influenced by master guitarists including Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Manuel Barrueco, Roland Dyens, and Rico Stover.

While pursuing a solo career, I played hand-held percussions with the community band Sambatucada, and as the lead guitarist for the Burlington, Vermont Brazilian band Guarana.

West-Coast Swing, Argentinean Tango, and other Latin dances also fuel my musicianship.

A solo guitar 
CD of original compositions is available.  Ensemble Choro Meu is preparing  our next one.